Silent Disco Handphone Hire Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, Caboolture and in between

Introducing MMP Events Silent Disco Headphone Hire

Welcome to MMP Events Silent disco headphone hire, your ultimate destination for cutting-edge event solutions that will leave your guests dancing and grooving to the beat! We’re thrilled to introduce our latest addition to our impressive lineup – the Silent Disco Headphones with 3 Channels and 3 Transmitters, the perfect accompaniment to our iconic Boombox Booths.

Experience the Silent Disco Sensation:

At MMP Events, we understand that creating unforgettable experiences is all about setting the right mood. Our Silent Disco Headphones with three distinct channels and three transmitters let your guests tune into their groove, making it the perfect addition to any event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate gala, a birthday bash, or any celebration, our silent disco headphones add a unique touch to your entertainment.

What makes our Silent Disco Headphone Hire special:

  • Three Channels: Our headphones offer not one, not two, but three channels to choose from, giving your guests the freedom to switch between different DJ sets or music genres. This versatility ensures everyone finds their rhythm on the dance floor.

  • Three Transmitters: With three transmitters, you can have multiple sources of audio, making it seamless for guests to switch between tracks, playlists, or live performances. The three-transmitter setup ensures uninterrupted music playback for a seamless dance experience.

The Perfect Pairing: Silent Disco Headphone Hire and Boombox Booths:

Imagine the visual spectacle of our Boombox Booths DJ hire and jukebox hire Sunshine Coast to Brisbane coupled with the audio delight of our Silent Disco Headphones. The perfect fusion of old-school charm and modern technology, your event will be remembered for its uniqueness and vibrancy.

Why Choose MMP Events:

  • Quality and Reliability: We take pride in providing high-quality equipment that is reliable and easy to use. You can trust us to deliver a flawless audio experience for your event.

  • Customization: Our silent disco headphones can be customized to match your event’s theme and branding. We offer a range of colors and design options to fit seamlessly into your decor.

  • Professional Support: Our team is dedicated to ensuring your event runs smoothly. We offer technical support and assistance to set up and operate the equipment, giving you peace of mind.

Elevate your event with the perfect harmony of our Silent Disco Headphones and Boombox Booths. MMP Events is here to make your celebrations come alive with music, energy, and unforgettable memories. Contact us today to learn more and book these exciting additions for your next event!

half day up to 4 hours

$ $300 4 Hours
  • (suitable for corporate event , Trade show , School Disco/ event or children’s party)

Full Day – up to 8 hours

$ $600 8 hours
  • Large Group 40-50 People

Overnight hire – up to 16 hours

$ $900 16 Hours

Type of Event