Hire Package 1

Hire Package 1

Introducing MMP Events hire Package 1, the ultimate combination of entertainment and innovation for your special occasion. This package includes the stumbler mobile bar full service pack, 7x10m led inflatable marquee, boombox jukebox karaoke pack and choice of available photobooth with instant prints 

First up, we have the Stumbler 3-Wheeled Drinks Cart, a charming and functional addition to any gathering. This eye-catching cart effortlessly navigates through the crowd, serving refreshing beverages to your guests with style. Its three-wheeled design adds a touch of playfulness, while the impeccable service provided ensures that everyone’s thirst is quenched.

To create a captivating ambiance, we present the 7x10m LED Inflatable Marquee. This impressive structure stands tall and proud, offering a spacious and visually stunning environment for your event. With its vibrant LED lighting system, the marquee sets the perfect mood, immersing your guests in a magical atmosphere they won’t soon forget.

Memories Made and Personalised  - Memories Made and Personalised  -  -  - Hire Package 1 - Mmp Events Sunshine -  - Hire Package 1 - Mmp Events Sunshine
Memories Made and Personalised  - Memories Made and Personalised  -  -  - Hire Package 1 - Mmp Events Sunshine -  - Hire Package 1 - Mmp Events Sunshine

Package 1

For the music enthusiasts and partygoers, the Boombox Spotify and Karaoke Pack is an absolute must-have. This cutting-edge audio system delivers high-quality sound, allowing you to curate the perfect playlist for the occasion. With access to a vast library of music on Spotify and the option for karaoke, your guests will be singing and dancing the night away, creating cherished memories together.


Capturing moments of joy and laughter is essential, which is why we include the Mirror Photo Booth in this package. This interactive and stylish booth is equipped with advanced technology, instantly printing 6×4 photos with a custom template of your choice. Your guests can strike a pose, have fun with props, and take home a personalized memento that immortalizes the spirit of your event.


MMP Events Package 1 is the epitome of entertainment, ensuring that every aspect of your event is covered. From refreshing drinks on wheels to a mesmerizing LED marquee, a state-of-the-art audio system, and a memorable photo booth experience, this package promises to exceed your expectations and create an unforgettable celebration for you and your guests

half day up to 4 hours

$ $300 4 Hours
  • (suitable for corporate event , Trade show , School Disco/ event or children’s party)

Full Day – up to 8 hours

$ $600 8 hours
  • Large Group 40-50 People

Overnight hire – up to 16 hours

$ $900 16 Hours

Type of Event

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